Breakfast - The Rothschild Hotel אֵזוֹר תֹּכֶן מֶרְכָּזִי הַזְמָנָה אוֹנְלַיְן רֹאשׁ אֲתָר סְגִיר אֲתָר

Good Morning Rothschild
– 150 NIS Per person –

– Rothschild Hotel Guests are Welcome –

A selection of fresh micro vegetables, spreads and pates, cheeses and your choice of pastries

▪ Morning Mains ▪

▪ Hot beverages and freshly squeezed orange juice ▪

Vegetarian / Vegetarian with Vegan Option

Belgian Benedict

▪ Poached eggs on a Belgian waffle with basil, gently-smoked salmon, spinach and Hollandaise sauce ▪

Parisian Croissant

▪ Butter croissant with caramelized onion, Goat-milk Camembert, rocket, radishes and a poached egg ▪

Mediterranean Shakshouka

▪ Mildly piquant tomato stew with half-boiled eggs or tofu ▪

Market Salad

▪ Tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, hard-boiled egg, parsley, coriander, red onion, sumac, croutons, olive oil, lemon ▪

Spelt Waffle

▪ Spelt flour waffle with coconut sauce, pecans, date honey and halva ▪

Homemade muesli

▪ Yoghurt, fresh fruit, and granola with super-food ▪

Eggs of choice

▪ Omelet / Scrambled Eggs / Sunny Side up / Eggs over easy / Soft or hard-boiled eggs
Toppings: Onion, feta cheese, gouda cheese, herbs
Tofu scramble with herbs ▪


ארוחות בוקר
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Dear guests,

Due to the Corona Pandemic we were forced to reduce our services, especially in the Food and Beverages department.

Breakfast: We prepared a list of suggestions for breakfasts in Tel Aviv, close to the Hotel.
Bar services, minibars and room service will be resolved soon.

We are striving to get back to our standards, efforts are being made and we believe our goals will be met soon.