The Rothschild Hotel, located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s beautiful and prestigious Rothschild Boulevard, is renowned as the most romantic hotel in Tel Aviv. The pampering rooms of the iconic hotel attract couples celebrating their wedding night, anniversaries and birthdays, as well as many tourists who enjoy the hotel’s architecture, design, location, amenities and warm and uncompromising service. The Rothschild Hotel was designed in tribute to the Zionist vision and activities of Baron Edmond de Rothschild, a visionary who made a tremendous contribution in laying the foundations for the State of Israel. The Baron’s investment in pre-state Israel was similar in many ways to the genesis and management of modern startups – bringing together vision and reality, successes and failures, and making adjustments along the way. In today’s lingo, he would be referred to as a startup entrepreneur, and not only as the Well-Known Benefactor. The Baron visited the Land of Israel five times, each time further developing his vision and monitoring its realization. Throughout the hotel, there are subtle hints that offer a creative and experiential interpretation of the Baron’s vision, character and work. The hotel is housed in a historic and eclectic building, one of the city’s most beautiful structures.

The Rothschild Experience

The Rothschild Hotel is a truly romantic hotel.

The guest experience is designed to stimulate all five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Our mission is to provide a total and multi-layered experience, inspired by the wonderful and romantic startup story of Baron Rothschild, as interpreted by Avi Ifrach.

It all begins as you enter Rothschild Boulevard and encounter the magnificent façade of the hotel – one of the most beautiful eclectic buildings in Tel Aviv. The building’s distinctive appearance provides the first taste of this boutique hotel experience.

After stepping through the beautiful old wooden doors into the uniquely colorful entrance, with the scent of citrus wafting in the air, you are served the house drink during check-in. Your journey continues in every small detail, with every item specially designed for the hotel, aimed to awaken and entice all of your senses.

A variety of all-natural materials was specially selected for this challenge, materials from pre-synthetic times. Beyond their appearance and function, each of these materials offers a distinct sense of touch and even sound. Each has a source of inspiration that supports the Rothschild experience:

Black iron was taken from the gates of Parisian homes, with doorknobs, knockers or bells made from yellow brass. At the Rothschild Hotel, we created a variety of furniture from iron and brass: small cabinets, night tables, mirror frames, headboard rods and more.

We carefully chose a range of materials for the items we created, including stone, leather, wool, wood, cotton, and paper. All contribute to the material experience that conveys the period, without masquerading as period design. The desire to touch is expressed in the feel of sheets made of Egyptian cotton satin, the Turkish towels (900 g/m) and the stream of hot water in the shower.

Our chef provides a delightful flavor experience with rich and precise breakfasts, romantic meals for couples, and a variety of culinary offerings for special events.

And the fusion of European culture with the Middle Eastern culture of Tel Aviv is always in the background.

The building

Abraham Friedman purchased the site of the hotel in 1922 for 100 pounds and built the original building. He was the son of Yosef Friedman, one of the founders of Rosh Pina, the first colony supported by Baron Rothschild. Abraham Friedman served as the Baron’s chief agronomist.

Social involvement

The Rothschild Hotel provides its guests with high-quality cosmetics and spa products manufactured in a small factory on a farm in the Jerusalem hills. Es-sense has set a goal of integrating a community with special needs into the labor market and employs autistic workers as an integral part of its work team. The company’s toiletries are made only from natural materials produced from plants, many of which grow on the farm.


The hotel was built and renovated with meticulous attention to the environment. The building, slated for strict preservation, features advanced ecological systems for optimal protection of the environment. There are also simple symbols of environmental awareness, such as filtered water in a carafe in each room, recycled paper, etc.

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