The Rothschild Hotel pays homage to the Zionist vision and activity of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Being a man of vision and action who contributed greatly to the establishment of Israel, we see the Baron as the first Hebrew start-up entrepreneur.

During his five journeys to The Land Of Israel, The Baron donated from his wealth and taste to help establish villages, develop the economy, nurture agriculture and encourage Hebrew culture. He even laid the foundations of the now thriving Israeli wine industry.

It is the Baron’s glorious legacy and luxurious yet understated and tasteful style that The Rothschild Hotel draws inspiration from.

Hints of the Baron, some subtle and some more explicit, can be found throughout the hotel, from the smallest details to the whole experience.

Especially prominent are the unique paintings displayed in the rooms that portray the Baron’s various projects in The Land of Israel – the glass factory he established on Tantura’s beach, the Rishon Le’Zion vineyards he planted, the agricultural villages he helped develop and more.



The paintings, inspired by authentic photographs, were made on oak doors which were dismantled from our building during its conversion into a hotel. All of the paintings were specially commissioned for The Rothschild Hotel from various Israeli artists.

The Rothschild Hotel design combines influences of diverse cultures, and includes styles and items from the late 19th century through today – an amalgamation created during the Baron’s period as a result of the colonialism that brought Western culture to other regions where the imported content and materials were forged together with the local ones.

The Rothschild Hotel does not cite colonialist design, but borrows from it the combination of different styles and materials from different periods and cultures.

All of the items and furniture in the hotel are made only from natural materials of the highest quality, such as wood, leather, stone, cotton, brass, wool, clay and more. Many of them  were designed and built by hand exclusively for The Rothschild Hotel in order to meet its high standards.  Some items were made by young local designers while others were made by authentic craftsmen from countries such as Israel, Egypt, Italy, India, The Netherlands and Greece.


The Rothschild Hotel is set in one of the historic and most familiar buildings in Tel Aviv –  an eclectic structure which is under strict preservation by UNESCO and Tel Aviv municipality.


The building was built by Abraham Friedman, son of Joseph Friedman who was one of the founders of Rosh Pina. Abraham was one of the first agronomists in the land of Israel, and served as Chief Agronomist to the Rothschild family.

The land on which the building is standing was purchased in 1922 for 100 Lirot (the currency used in The Land of Israel before the establishment of The State of Israel).

Social Involvement

The Rothschild Hotel provides its guests with toiletries and spa products of outstanding quality, produced in a small factory that operates from a farm in the Jerusalem hills.


This factory, named Es-sense, took upon itself a mission to integrate population with special needs in the labor market by employing autistic workers as an integral part of its team. Together, the factory’s workers make high-quality toiletry products from natural materials produced from plants, many of which are grown on the farm.

The Rothschild Hotel is happy and proud to provide its guests with top-quality products while supporting this mission to enable the special needs population to enjoy its rightful share in the productive workforce.


The Rothschild Hotel was renovated with close attention to the environment. The hotel building, which is designated for strict preservation, features advanced ecological systems designed for optimal environmental protection:


    • Heating/cooling
      A state-of-the-art system employing VRF technology and capable of heating and air-conditioning at the same time, transferring heat from places that require cooling to those in need of heating, and vice versa. The efficiency of this system reduces the consumption of electricity and, consequently, reduces the air pollution and waste of energy that characterize standard heating and cooling systems.


    • Hot water
      The hotel uses heat pumps that are three times more efficient than electric heating elements. This is a relatively new technology (operating in a way that is similar to the heating/cooling system described above) and enables the supply of hot water, day and night, with a high level of energy efficiency and without emitting pollutants.


    • Gray water
      The hotel features a system to separate gray water, enabling its reuse for gardening. The hotel aims to provide water from this system for irrigating Rothschild Boulevard and the adjacent Elalouf Park with treated gray water.


    • Conserving resources
      The selection of furniture was made according to their materials and quality, and with the aim of choosing furniture that will serve the hotel for many years, growing old with charm, and without requiring replacement or massive renovation for many years, as in the world’s venerable old hotels.


    • Recycling
      The hotel views recycling as an essential activity and does its utmost to excel in this area. The use of the oak doors from the old building as part of the new design serves as a message and as an example of the hotel’s readiness to recycle and create something new from something old.


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